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Henry Blooms VitaQIK Liposomal Spray Vitamin B12 50 mL-Five Vegans

Henry Blooms VitaQIK Liposomal Spray Vitamin B12 50 mL

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Henry Blooms VitaQIK Liposomal Spray Vitamin B12

VitaQIK® is a simple way to deliver targeted nutrients. Liposomal supplements offer a delivery system with rapid uptake and effective delivery into cells. Liposomes are tiny spheres made of phospholipids (which are the building blocks of cell membranes). These phospholipid particles capture and protect nutrients until they reach their destination in the body. Through this process, nutrients can begin absorbing as soon as there is contact with the mouth.

Benefits of liposomal supplementation -

  • High absorption
  • Protect nutrients from acidic gastrointestinal tract
  • Easy option for those who have trouble swallowing tablets
  • No mixing, no dilution required

VitaQIK® Liposomal Spray Vitamin B12 is a quick and easy way to help:

  •  Support healthy immune system function
  • Support energy production
  • Support nervous system function and health
  • Assist healthy red blood cell production
  • Assist protein synthesis in the body
  • Assist metabolism of macronutrients
  • Support blood health

INGREDIENTS - Each 1 mL dose contains: Cyanocobalamin 500 micrograms
(Vitamin B12)