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5 Best Vegan Documentaries to watch in 2024

Every year there a number of documentaries being released that cover veganism and animal rights.  Some cover the health aspects of going plant based while others expose the exploitation of animals.  There is even one which looks at how the punk rock scene was involved in the rise of veganism.

Below are 5 of the best recent documentaries that are definitely worth watching.

1. Punk Rock Vegan Movie 2023


The Punk Rock Vegan Movie is a documentary written and directed by vegan musician and animal rights activist Moby. 

The movie looks at the history of punk rock music and how it relates to animal rights and veganism.  There are a number of influential punk rock bands who wrote songs promoting animal rights.  This documentary interviews the members of these bands who describe why they went vegan and what it means to them.  It also includes footage exposing the horrors of factory farming.

Available free on Youtube

You are what you eat 2024


The latest documentary on this list and probably one you have already heard about.  This documentary series is based on a Standford University study of identical twins.  22 Pairs of identical twins were given a different diet for 8 weeks with one given a vegan diet while the other was given an omnivore diet.

The documentary concentrates on only 4 pairs of twins and shows the amazing health benefits that were achieved by the twin following the vegan diet.  This documentary also covers the environmental harm caused by the animal agriculture industry.

Available on Netflix

Slay 2022

In Slay filmmaker Rebecca Cappelli travels around the world to expose the animal cruelty present in the fashion industry.  It covers how animals are exploited for items such as shoes bags and clothing.

The documentary also provides viewers with sustainable animal free alternatives so you can be cruelty fee without sacrificing your fashion style.

Available on website Waterbear

The end of medicine 2022


Executive produced by Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara, The end of medicine covers the link between animal agriculture and health threats such as pandemics and antibiotic resistance.

The film follows veterinarian Dr. Alice Brough who risks her career to share insider information about the reality of factory farming and animal disease.

Available on Peacock, Tubi and Itunes

When Pigs escape 2022

When pigs escape follows the story of the pig Matilda who escapes from a farm to give birth to her 10 piglets.  The story made mainstream news and animal rights activists successfully mounted a campaign for Matilda and her piglets to be released to a sanctuary.

The documentary shows pigs living a natural life in a safe environment which is not something audiences often get to witness.

Available on Waterbear

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