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Favourite Vegan Sunscreen

By Samantha - Five Vegans

Our two favourite Sunscreens for summer 2021

I will admit I have tried so many sunscreens over the years. Before becoming vegan I was not scanning ingredients like I do now but was conscious about whether the sunscreen was tested on animals. I have had some interesting experiences with sunscreens like the time one particular sunscreen stained my daughter’s tee-shirt purple. Another time I ended up getting a sunscreen, you spray on, in my eyes and all I can say is ouch!

It honestly took me years to find a sunscreen I was happy with and one I like using on my kids also. By looking for a vegan sunscreen in the first place that often means that they already do not have a lot of the nasties in them like parabens and chemicals etc. I am also looking for something that offers high protection and is non greasy.

With all that in mind, and after years of personally testing a variety of vegan and natural sunscreen options out there, here are the two that I love the most and now use for my family. Which is why I have chosen to stock them.

“Simple As That” Sunscreen

When I discovered that this sunscreen was both vegan and non greasy my eyes lit up. It is actually really hard to find a vegan sunscreen that isn’t greasy. I purchased a tube of this brand to test even before we had our store and we have been using it for over 2 year now and am very happy with it.

My kids do not complain it is greasy when I lather them up and there are no purple stains in sight. I like that the range has a children’s formula with Chamomile oil in it to protect children’s delicate skin. This has been our go to sunscreen for two years now. If you have young kids and want to make sure you are using a toxic free sunscreen then this is an excellent choice. My kids can vouch for this.

This sunscreen comes in a handy tube so if you prefer that over a tin (like our “Sunbutter” sunscreen) then you might prefer this option.

Product Information –

100% vegan and cruelty free


$29.95 for 100ml

If you would like to purchase this sunscreen we have it for sale in our store on the link below –



I have only recently started using this sunscreen (I think it is fairly new to the market) but I already love it. This sunscreen is not greasy, rubs in clear, is SPF50 and comes in a clear or tinted option.

I love that the handy tin it comes in is made out of recycled and reusable material. It is easy to pop into your bag and nice and secure so no spills. It is non greasy and easy for the kids to use. There were no complains when we used it on our girls.

Another thing that I love is that at the moment with this original Sunbutter x Sea Shepherd option they are donating $5 from every sale to the Sea Shepherd.

It is also suitable for use from 6 months of age for another added bonus. I really like the ethics of this company as well. It is made in Australia in a solar powered factory.

Although I haven’t been using this sunscreen as long as “Simple As That” I think this might be my new favourite because the ethics of the company are really important to me. I personally prefer a tin over a tube and think it is awesome that the tin is recyclable. I think it also might even less greasy than the other option “Simple As That” even though that one is already great to use.

Product Information –

100% vegan and cruelty free


$29.95 for 100g

If you would like to purchase this sunscreen we have it for sale in our store on the link below –


These are our family’s current two favourite sunscreens, but as our brand evolves and the products available on the vegan market increase we will keep a lookout for the next best vegan sunscreen. We will do our best to make it available to you!

Have you found a vegan sunscreen that you absolutely love? We would love to hear about it too. Feel free send us a message and let us know which product is your favourite.

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