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Is it worth getting a tofu press?

Have you heard about tofu presses and wondered what is the point of a tofu press and if you need one?  Then this blog is for you.

When you buy tofu from the shop the block will contain a lot of liquid. Firstly this is because tofu is a food made of condensed soy milk that is pressed into solid white blocks. Secondly the tofu will normally be packaged in a plastic packet filled with some water to keep it fresh.

You can use and cook the tofu straight from the packet but the excess liquid will cause some problems. 

What does it mean for tofu to be pressed?

Firstly if you want your tofu to be crispy than you need to remove the water.  If the tofu is still soggy it will retain a lot of that water during the cooking process and not reach that yummy crispy texture you are after.

Secondly if your block of tofu is packed full of liquid it won't be able to absorb any sauces or flavours that you want to add to it.  If you dip unpressed tofu into soy sauce, for example, there is only a limited amount of the sauce that can enter the tofu due to the amount of liquid already there.

Lastly pressed tofu will hold its shape better when cooking and not crumble into small pieces.

But do you need a tofu press to press tofu?

You might have read about ways on the internet to press tofu without an actual tofu press.  These involve methods such as putting the tofu on paper towels and under a plate with a weight on top.  The problem with these methods is that it tends to make a mess when the liquid comes out and it can be difficult getting the right amount of weight.  Too much weight and the tofu will crumble and not be any good for cooking.

How to press & drain tofu

This is where a professionally built tofu press comes in.  The tofuture tofu press removes the water from tofu simply and effectively.  It applies just the right amount of pressure and has a reservoir to collect the liquid for easy disposal.  You can store it in the fridge as it presses the tofu.

How long do I need to press tofu for?

With the tofuture tofu press you can get rid of 70% of the water in ten minutes if you are in a rush to cook it.  Ideally you would leave it for longer with 80% being removed after an hour and even more after 4 hours.  As you can leave it in the fridge you could put the tofu in the press the night before you wish to cook with it and it would all be pressed by the morning.

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Tofuture Tofu Press

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