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The 5 best vegan chocolates 2021

 By Samantha - Five Vegans

The 5 best vegan chocolates 2021

As a bit of a sweet tooth I have tried a lot of chocolate. When our family went vegan four years ago there was limited vegan chocolate options but not now.  There seems to be nice chocolates popping up all the time which makes it an exciting time for vegans like myself who like a good piece (or bar) of chocolate.

Here is a round up of the top five in Australia

1. Vego bars

I had to put the Vego bar at number one. It is a classic and I think the closest thing to milk chocolate. This was the first chocolate we tried as vegans and is still classed as the favourite by probably ever vegan that has every had it. It comes in the original Vego bar that is chocolate packed with hazelnuts. Also now available in the range is Vego white chocolate with almonds and Vego dark with nuts and berries. It also comes in a delicious Vego hazelnut spread and recently added to the range is Vego melts which are great for making hot chocolates, cooking with (S’mores and cookies) or just eating out of the bag

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2. Kresho bars


Kresho bars are delicious. They are filled with chewy nougat, almonds and covered in chocolate. They are one of our best sellers and with good reason. For an added bonus they are also made in Australia.

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3. Go Max Go bars

These are great! They are like your old favourite chocolates but in a vegan version. The Jokerz are like a vegan Picnic bar. Think dry roasted peanuts, caramel, and peanut nougat, wrapped in delicious chocolate. The Mahalo was bliss for me as it tasted like a vegan version of a bounty. Another favourite is the Twilight which is like a Mars bar. There are nine different flavours in the range.

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4. Pana Organic 

Pana is an Australian made chocolate and it is bliss. It is very popular amongst vegans and with good reason. It is very decadent with melt in your mouth taste. Available in Mylk, almond, coconut rough and salted caramel just to name a few. It is one to try.  but which one?  They are all delicious.

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5. Nomo

Last but certainly not least is Nomo. Nomo is made in the UK and does not disappoint. Choose from creamy choc, caramel and sea salt, fruit and nut, hazelnut or dark choc. The flavours are creamy and really have to be tried. Perfect for allergy sufferers as they are nut and gluten free.  

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What is your favourite vegan chocolate? We would love to hear what it is. Send us a message and let us know which is your favourite.

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