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Top 5 vegan cheeses in Australia


For years now one of the main reasons for people not considering a vegan diet was the lack of good vegan dairy-free cheese.  People had trouble with giving up the cheese they knew and loved.

This is all starting to change as every month there are new and better vegan cheeses coming onto the market which taste just as good as the dairy versions.

Here is a pick of what we believe are the current top 5 vegan cheeses available in Australia.

Faux Sho Almond Feta Cheese In Herbed Olive Oil

The newest cheese on the list, this feta was released in 2022.  It looks and tastes exactly like feta and is made out of healthy almonds. Use in greek salads, bake it in fresh bread, sprinkle it top on hot pasta or eat it straight out of the jar!

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Pimp My Salad - Cashew Vegan Parmesan Cheese

The pimp my salad cashew parmesan has been a favourite for a number of years.  Made from cashews and nutritional yeast it tastes amazing on pastas, salads and anywhere else you would add parmesan cheese.  It is gluten free and an excellent food source of Omega 3 fatty acids, B vitamins, protein, and minerals.

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Made with plants shredded mozarella

Finally a vegan mozzarella that actually melts.  This cheese can be used on your favourite italian dishes like Pizza, lasagna and creamy pastas. Shredded already for your convenience.

Available in Woolworths.

Sheese original cream cheese

Original Creamy Sheese is a versatile dairy free cream cheese alternative. It can be used straight out of the fridge for spreading on wraps, pita, bagels, rye breads or muffins.  It can even be used to make a vegan cheescake!

Available in Coles ( depending on location).

Delicio Vegan Cheese Seasoning


This fine cheese powder seasoning can be used on everything to give a cheesy flavour.  Sprinkle it on potatoes, pasta, pizzas and as a salad toppper to add some extra flavour.  It is also easy and convenient to pop in your bag if you are out and about.

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The world of plant-based eating is growing rapidly, and with it, the number of products that are becoming dairy-free is increasing. Each of the brands listed above has their own unique approach to creating dairy-free cheese, So whether you are a long-term dairy-free eater or just starting out, you now have a list of the best cheese brands for eating if you live in Australia.

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