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Are condoms vegan and cruelty free?

Condoms ain't vegan?  What are you talking about?

Well it turns out that unfortunately,  like so many products,  most condoms are not vegan.

Firstly because condoms are classified as a "medical device" government organisations require strict testing and many companies will use animals such as rabbits or horses in their testing. 

Condoms can also contain animal products in the form of casein.  Most condoms are made from latex which comes from rubber trees.  To soften the latex during the rubber making process most companies use the milk product casein.  Vegan companies will use plant based alternatives to achieve the same result.

Any lubicrant used in the condom also has to have not been tested on animals for it the product to be considered vegan.

At Five Vegans we stock "Jonny" condoms.  They are not only completely vegan and cruelty free but also eco-conscious.  Jonny is packaged in PEFC certified boxes and the mailer bags are recycled.  Jonny also does not contain palm oil, found in some lubricants.

Buy them at the following link

Jonny Condoms


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