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Downunder Wash Co Bloody Awesome Period Stain Remover 150g - Five Vegans

Downunder Wash Co Bloody Awesome Period Stain Remover 150g

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Bloody Awesome Period Stain Remover

Clean & refresh your reusables. Use on period undies, cloth pads, cloth nappies and other clothes.

How to use -

Spray bottle - place 2 tsps into a 500ml spray bottle and fill with water. Shake until fully dissolved and before each use. Spray directly onto the stain, allow it to rest for atleast 1 hour prior to washing.

Soaker - Add 2 tsp to 2L of water and mix to dissolve. Soak items for minimum 12 hours to overnight, up to 48 hours changing water daily.

Direct - Sprinkly directly over stain, add water and gently massage until dissolved. rest for 1 hour or wash immediately.

Note - Double amounts for extra strength. Pre-existing stains may require multiple applications. Works in both hot and cold water. use appropriate water temperature for the stain you are treating.

INGREDIENTS - Alkaline Salts (Sodium Carbonate & Sodium Bicarbonate)

Customer Reviews

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Jessica Woods

I have found this powder works better than napisan etc as I soak stuff for a week and the stain has either faded or gone compared to the one they constantly advertise on tv that I’ve used and found to be a waste of cash as there are no results. Definitely staying with this item.